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Whether you need consistent after-school care or an extra set of hands a few days per week, our Nanny Basel is here to help! Our candidate pool includes experienced caregivers looking to pick up extra hours, former camp counsellors who can keep kids busy for hours on end, and college students seeking an after-school position that fits with their class schedule. The background, experience, and personality of each nanny are unique but they all embody the qualities that to us, our most important – loyalty, honesty, dependability, and a true love of working with children.

We help dedicated parents to hire Caring & Trustworthy Nanny Services in Basel a few steps so their children's can thoroughly enjoy their day without the administrative burden.

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We offer Find a Nanny Basel, and we pride ourselves in employing nannies who have a genuine Love of Children. Our Nannies are enthusiastic, nurturing, and fun.
Our meticulous selection process ensures that our Nannies are intelligent, trustworthy, and responsible. Find a Nanny in BaselZurich,  BernZugGenevaLausanne, and all the other cities.


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Why Book Nanny Services With Rundil Nanny Services?

We are committed to happiness at home. Therefore, we offer excellent, tailor-made reliable Find a Nanny Basel Services. Whether you are looking for a full-time tenured career nanny or someone fun and energetic for after-school care – we’re here to find you the best match for your family.

Our Excellent Nanny Services include Part-Time Nannies, Full-Time Nannies, Temporary Nannies, Babysitters, and Family Assistants.

One of the most significant benefits of having a nanny is that your child receives personalized care. A nanny provides one-on-one attention to your child. This ensures that your child’s individual needs are met, including their physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Another advantage of having a nanny is the flexibility that it provides. With a nanny, you can set your own schedule, which allows you to work the hours you need without worrying about picking up or dropping off your child at a daycare center. Additionally, a nanny can be available for evenings, weekends, and even overnight care, which is especially useful for parents who work irregular hours.


Exceptional Nannies

Our Nannies consistently display exceptional qualities that all family craves.

Our Nannies all share the same values:

Our Nannies are committed to happiness at home:

Our Nannies are handpicked and vetted.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction through consistently providing high-quality personnel and services.

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At Rundil Nanny Services, we take safety very seriously. We do complete nanny background checks. All candidates go through our extensive nanny screening services. Very few of the applicants who apply are accepted due to our stringent requirements.

All the candidates are required to complete an extensive application form, appear for a face to face or video interview, and pass the background checks. We also go through their application forms with them to make sure the information that they filled in is accurate.

At Rundil Childcare Services, we make it easy for you to hire a Nanny Basel. We understand that finding the right caregiver for your family can be overwhelming, which is why we offer a seamless process that takes the stress out of the hiring process.

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Anyone can exhibit their best qualities in an ideal setting. The real test happens when you’re short on time and high on frustration, which is about 85 percent of a nanny’s work. Kids like to push the limits, and the right nanny must have the patience to stay calm in the face of exasperation.

Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer


Parents rely on their nannies to show up when they say that they will. This means getting to work on time and avoiding calling out sick unless it’s absolutely necessary. Life happens, but if you’re not dependable, your employer will likely start looking for someone who is.

Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer

Quick On Your Feet

A nanny doesn’t have to be exceptionally physically active, although families and children appreciate that quality. Caregivers need to be able to think and react quickly because things can go from peaceful to chaotic in a matter of seconds when they’re working with children.

Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer


Children keep you on your toes. Just when they seem comfortable with a particular schedule, they turn it on its head. If a nanny plans to work for a particular family for several years, he or she will have to grow with the child. This may mean altering bedtimes and working through the shift from naps to no naps.
Flexibility also involves being able to transition easily when the routine changes. If a parent runs out of diapers, is the nanny happy to run to the store to buy more? Can the caregiver pick up the child from a playdate on her way to work? Although employers need to offer some stability when it comes to rules and boundaries, they need a nanny who is flexible enough to roll with the punches.

Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer

A Proactive Attitude

The best nannies don’t wait until things become problematic to take charge. If that were the case, they would always be cleaning up messes. A proactive nanny takes care of issues before they derail the day. By doing this, the caregiver is able to engage the children in constructive experiences every day instead of spending time fixing things that went wrong.

Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer

Genuine Love Of Children

Some nannies are in it for the money, while others are truly passionate about caring for kids. Parents want the kind of caregiver who is invested in more than a paycheck. They need to understand that their nanny needs to make a living and compensate him or her accordingly, but they prefer someone who is interested in enhancing the child’s development through compassionate care, age-appropriate education and positive reinforcement.


The house was so clean and Alicia was extremely efficient and professional ! Thank you !
Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer
lola miles
She was absolutely Amazing!!! Hard working and friendly. I will for sure have her back.
Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer
gael ludwig
Excellent service! Extremely thorough, My Wife & I were very impressed
Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer
mike kenli
Amanda was a pleasure to get. My first time ever having someone else with my son. Looking forward to having her and recommendations to follow.
Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer
elsa malita
Thank you so much Sandra! The place looks great and thanks for the extra time to finish up!!
Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer
sofia miller
Marina is fantastic. She has even bought my orchid back to life. A thoroughly sweet efficient professional
Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer
mickael facui

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Rundil Services Cleaner Tutor Nanny Carer
Everywhere in Germany

We are everywhere in Germany, including Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and all the other cities.

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Everywhere in Switzerland

We are everywhere in Switzerland, including Zurich, Basel, Bern, Zug, Geneva, Lausanne, and all the other cities.

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Everywhere in The Netherlands

We are everywhere in The Netherlands, including Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Wassenaar, and all the other cities.

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Everywhere in France

We are everywhere in France, including Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Rouen, and all the other cities.