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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

In every place where humans exist, bacteria and viruses live; there are different ways to control their spread. Every home has nooks and crannies, but you must ensure that you reach them and clean them properly before bacteria and molds spread everywhere. The kitchen mostly has neglected corners, and those areas need special attention to clean. Rundil Cleaning Services experts will name some kitchen places that need to be cleaned urgently before hazardous mold lurks.

Let’s begin!

1. Kitchen Sponge

Keep your kitchen clean by replacing the sponge after a week because dampness and food leftovers are suitable cradles for bacteria and molds. Here is a tip on keeping your dishwashing sponge clean.

Tip: Mix ¾ cup of bleach in one gallon of water, dip the sponge in it for five minutes, and then rinse it.

2. Vegetable Drawer

The damp vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator drawer are a natural paradise for bacteria. There are always rotten fruits at the bottom of the drawer, so it is imperative to clean and wash the drawer after every week to keep yourself away from diseases and keep your kitchen clean.

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3. Dishwasher

Where there is water, there is dampness, and when there is dampness, there is a fungus. The dishwasher, as the name shows, disinfected and washed the dishes, but proper disinfection of the dishwasher needs your help. This is easy to keep the dishwasher clean.

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4. Food Processor

The food processor is also known as a kitchen blender. Liquids are very effective in attracting bacteria and fungi. Remember that if you don’t want to get sick, let the blender dry thoroughly after washing it.

Tip: Fill the half-blender jug with warm water and add half a lemon to it, keep it for 5 minutes, and then wash it.

5. Microwave Oven

Old smears and stains in the microwave are the best places for fungus to grow. Don’t leave the microwave uncleaned for more than two weeks because microorganisms grow faster in closed things.

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6. Range Hoods

The most neglected thing in the kitchen is the range hoods, which need the most attention. Because this is where you cook the food and want MOLD-FREE FOOD, the range hood inside gets dirty with cooking oils because it ventilates gasses and odors.

Tip: Take a scrub brush, and dip it in the mixture of 1/4th cup of baking soda and water. Now start cleaning the range hood gently and see the amount of dirt and grime falling.

7. Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles get grimy and dirty because they see a lot of hands in a day, some clean and some dirty. Deep cleaning your cabinets also includes cabinet handle cleaning. Make sure when you touch the handle, your hands should be cleaned. It will help in preventing rust.

Tip: Dishwasher, vinegar, and water mixture is the best combo for cleaning cabinet handles but remember to use a soft cloth while cleaning it so you don’t accidentally starch the handle.

8. Backsplash

While washing dishes, preparing the meat, or cooking in hot oil, the backsplash immediately catches all the splatter. It looks terrible on the backsplash, so always clean and provide time to backsplash as much as you do on the countertop. It gets hard to scrub if the splatters of anything are left uncleaned for longer.

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Don’t miss any area in your kitchen unclean because everything you eat comes from the kitchen first, so make sure your kitchen is neat and clean.

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